Thank you for your generosity in giving to Christ Children’s Care. All donations for Christ Children’s Care go through the United New Testament International Ministry Association. Please read and follow the directions for making a donation on the UNTCI website:

1. Go to

On their giving page, enter the desired amount into the “One-Time Missions Support Gift of Any Amount

UNTCI's Giving Webpage

2. Forward Email Receipt

Once you receive your email receipt, please forward it to [email protected] and request your funds go to Christ Children’s Care. Since UNTCI supports several ministries, this step is vital to ensure your donation goes to the ministry you intend it to.

Giving Receipt

3. Thank you!

The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association, Inc., The Church, and its affiliates are an Alabama Registered LLC Not-for-Profit Religious Association of Churches exempt under US IRS501(c)(3) and therefore donations are considered “tax deductible”.

Keep your records, receipts, and statements.